Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Following 4

Following monkeys as they chase eachother around their habitat is rather difficult. While these images lack the intrigue of other followings due to the fact that the monkeys couldn't figure out that they were being photographed, they do comment on the nature of following. The goal of following is to remain covert - to steal someone's image without their knowing it. These monkeys live their lives as a spectacle meant to be followed by zoo visitors. As these two monkeys frantically chased eachother around their plastic jungle, I realized that their entire life consists of following eachother and being followed by members of a world that they cannot understand or access. Caged animals such as these monkeys are presented with a world based on following. They follow eachother and they follow the humans who walk across their window space. The point that I'm trying to make is that the act of following seems to be a manifestation of natural curiousity. It is a way to learn movements and behaviours that transcends the educated few and extends into the context of the natural world.

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