Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Following 3

The goal of this following was to capture the girl's image at close proximity without her knowing. In the first following, the target's back is to the camera. In the second one, the targets are at a far enough distance that they would have no reasonable expectation that their picture was being taken. In this third section, The target is facing me from a distance of no more than three feet away (across the dinner table at a BatMitzvah.) In this case, the secrecy of the following relies on the technology of a camera phone. Although I am essentially spying on this girl and taking her picture without her knowledge, she has no reason to believe that this is the case. I am playing with my phone, just as she is. If I had a conventional camera, she would be aware of the fact that her picture was being taken, especially from such close range. Survellance technology is designed to remain covert. We can be followed intimately without our knowledge.

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